Friday, June 22, 2012

Nope, My Kids Don't 'Fit In'

This is in response to some comments I read on a homeschooling blog.

The commenter stated "I could always tell the homeschooled kids in our church...they never fit in."

So, here is my response to the comment:

Dear Commenter,

I'm so glad you took the opportunity to judge the members of your church and what you consider to be proper socialization.

I homeschool my children, and I have to agree with, they don't fit in.

Unlike many kids I know, they are completely confident in having meaningful conversation with adults, as well as children.  They don't shrug their shoulders when asked a question. 

Also, unlike many other kids, they aren't bound by expectations to only play with or have friendships with children exclusively in their grade or age group.  They have older friends and younger friends.  They are tolerant of younger siblings, not exclusive.

They aren't embarrassed to be seen with their parents or grandparents.  On the contrary, they are proud of their elders and will more than likely introduce you to them.

They would never bully an elderly woman who would be their bus monitor. (If you haven't seen that story on the news...sorry, but you must be living under a rock.  It was horrible the things those kids said to that woman, reducing her to tears.) 

They wear what they want to wear, wear their hair the way they like it and don't worry about what other people think. 

They don't think it is 'uncool' nor un-Constitutional to proclaim their love of Jesus Christ.

They love to learn new things.  They think Latin is cool.

So, Commenter, I guess I have to agree with you.  My homeschooled kids most definately do NOT fit in.

And I don't consider that to be a bad thing at all.


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  1. Please, please, please tell me you really left this on that homeschooling blog! I LOVE it!! The older my children get, the more and more aware I am that they aren't fitting in, either! And I'm soooo glad. My 12yr old has a small group of friends who are quite the individualists! While they all like to think they are "cool", they don't conform to each other NOR to the "real world". And they also have the deepest, truest friendship I've ever witnessed at this age.
    : ) Lisa W