Monday, February 28, 2011

Why Kids Are Like Pizza

1.  The more they are tossed around the more resilient they get. And it helps them grow!

2.  They are sometimes crusty.

3.  They are often cheesy.

4.  They almost always take longer than 30 minutes to deliver.

5.  Even if they aren't exactly what you ordered....they are still pretty dang good!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Homeschooling: 8th Grade Perspective

One of my favorite blogs is Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.  She has guest bloggers from time to time who contribute to her homeschooling section of her blog.  This is written by an 8th grader on homeschooling.  I found it to be worthy of sharing.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Geography Songs

Ever notice how you can remember the lyrics to dozens of songs but you can't remember where you left your car keys?  It's because our brains retain information much more easily if it is set to music. 

Geography Songs is a CD/workbook combo that we love in this house.  There is a song and a map for each continent, or portion of continent, plus pages that highlight landmarks in each area. Each song lists the names of the countries in a lyrical fashion and each is set to culturally appropriate music, and the words are printed so you get a visual as well.   Yes-the songs are sometimes a little hokey....but once you get the tune in your head, there is no way to forget it!  I have caught my kids singing the Provinces of Canada while playing, and that was studied last year.  I love it because we can pop the CD into the van CD player and work on learning the songs while we are on the go.

We have expanded on this to include art from the various regions we learn about and include the art and maps in a three ring binder. 

I have to say this is one of my kids favorite subjects in school anyway, but to learn it in a relaxed, fun way makes it even more appealing. 

But I will warn you-these songs *will* get stuck in your head and once they are in there...they are THERE!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Why I Love the South...


Thoughts bouncing around in my brain this morning:

1.  It's so good to have a whole day at home! No where to go until 6:30 when Ladies Man has an etiquette class for middle schoolers.  That should prove interesting.

2.  Holy crap. I shouldn't watch the news.  All of the unrest over "there" is downright frightening to me.  Me and hubby filled up our gas tanks in our cars yesterday before the gas prices go up even higher. (Last night it was $3.15 a gallon.)

3.  Looking forward to 2012.  Either the Earth will implode or Obama's term will be over.  Win-win situation I would say!

4.  I love a stormy rainy day.

5.  I want to find a grammar curriculum that I LOVE. Any suggestions? Of course-how does one 'love' grammar? 

6.  I hate ironing.

7.  I feel so bad that a neighbor's child broke his ankle on my trampoline.  He's a sweet kid.  I hope he feels better soon.  I hope his momma doesn't send me the doctor bill.

8.  So ready to get outside and work in the garden.  I have so many plans for raised beds, etc.

9.  If gas does get more expensive...should I cancel the kids across town extracurricular activities to save on gas? Or is that cheating them?

10.  I need to stay away from those Girl Scout cookies.  Just say 'no' to the cookies.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lunch Lady Blues

One big adjustment about homeschooling is lunchtime. No one prepared me for this.  In public school I just had to make sure they had money for lunch-someone else cooked it, served it, and cleaned up the mess.  But the most difficult thing is coming up with a menu.  I could follow suit with public school and serve hot dogs, pizza, nachos, etc on any given day of the week, but I prefer healthier choices.

Here are our lunch plans for the next few days:

Linguine with meatballs and marninara (frozen meatballs and jarred sauce)

Tuna salad wraps with cucumbers and fruit

Chicken sandwiches with chips and fruit (frozen Morningstar Farms chicken patties on whole wheat Natures Own sandwich rounds)

Peanut butter and banana sandwiches with chips (okay-sorta healthy...right?)

Fish Sticks, salad, and fruit.

Any great lunch ideas you all would like to share? Something somewhat nutritious, quick to fix, and kid friendly?

Oh- big eye opener during our public school days...when the food truck was parked next to the cafeteria unloading as I was driving by and the signage on the truck read "________'s Institutional Foods". Wow. Had me thinking of lock downs and solitary! Institution.  My kids were in an institution! Ack!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Say "No" To Crack

My daughter is average sized for her age (8 years).  It seems the older she gets, the harder it is for me to find jeans/pants that are not 'low-rise' or hootchie looking in general!  I clothing manufacturers truly believe little girls should even have the 'low-rise' option? Why would any little girl need to have a pair of jeans like that? 

Thankfully, my girl has better taste than that.  She hates thinking that her undergarments will show if she squats down.  But I think the real issue is that people keep BUYING the low rise jeans...therefore...the companies that make them make more because of demand.  So, who deserves the slap then...the companies who make them or the mommas who buy them?

A friend of mine who is a teacher in an elementary school expressed her opinion on the low-rise jeans....whenever there is a tornado drill, you see all the hineys in the hall way as they assume the position.  While this actually made me laugh (hey-I am human after all) it's really frustrating.

Maybe I should start a company of my own.  "No Crack Jeans".  You know-made the way jeans should be cover your butt!

In the mean time I will continue to be on the look out for decent girls' jeans.  My sources tell me Land's End is a good place to start....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just Be Nice

I like to think I am a nice person.  I mean, I might lose it once in a while and say things that I regret later on.  I might judge someone unfairly.  I might rarely hold a grudge.   But one thing I am very good at is forgiving.  Letting by gones be by gones and moving on.

So when I find myself in situations with people who can't let it go, who hold on to hurt feelings and confuses me.  Why would anyone choose to let those things take up space in their hearts and time out of their lives?   It's like, no matter how hard I try to be forgiving, they just keep on holding on to the bad feelings. Part of me feels sorry for them-do they feel like they don't DESERVE happiness and forgiveness?  What happened to them in their past that makes them feel that way?  And as hard as it is to do, I just keep trying to bring about sunshine and lollipops, because that's just how I am.

Forgiveness doesn't diminish what has happened in the past. It just means that you don't have to let it hurt you anymore.  It's not bringing up who is right and who is just means quit beating it-the horse is dead so move on already.

Remember when we were kids, Mom would always say "Just play nice..." Imagine what the world would be like if everyone would just be nice. 

So, even though it seems sometimes that 'just being nice' is getting me nowhere....I will keep on doing so.  Because it certainly can't be just wasted....surely some of the 'nice' will stick....won't it?