Friday, February 25, 2011


Thoughts bouncing around in my brain this morning:

1.  It's so good to have a whole day at home! No where to go until 6:30 when Ladies Man has an etiquette class for middle schoolers.  That should prove interesting.

2.  Holy crap. I shouldn't watch the news.  All of the unrest over "there" is downright frightening to me.  Me and hubby filled up our gas tanks in our cars yesterday before the gas prices go up even higher. (Last night it was $3.15 a gallon.)

3.  Looking forward to 2012.  Either the Earth will implode or Obama's term will be over.  Win-win situation I would say!

4.  I love a stormy rainy day.

5.  I want to find a grammar curriculum that I LOVE. Any suggestions? Of course-how does one 'love' grammar? 

6.  I hate ironing.

7.  I feel so bad that a neighbor's child broke his ankle on my trampoline.  He's a sweet kid.  I hope he feels better soon.  I hope his momma doesn't send me the doctor bill.

8.  So ready to get outside and work in the garden.  I have so many plans for raised beds, etc.

9.  If gas does get more expensive...should I cancel the kids across town extracurricular activities to save on gas? Or is that cheating them?

10.  I need to stay away from those Girl Scout cookies.  Just say 'no' to the cookies.

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