Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Say "No" To Crack

My daughter is average sized for her age (8 years).  It seems the older she gets, the harder it is for me to find jeans/pants that are not 'low-rise' or hootchie looking in general!  I clothing manufacturers truly believe little girls should even have the 'low-rise' option? Why would any little girl need to have a pair of jeans like that? 

Thankfully, my girl has better taste than that.  She hates thinking that her undergarments will show if she squats down.  But I think the real issue is that people keep BUYING the low rise jeans...therefore...the companies that make them make more because of demand.  So, who deserves the slap then...the companies who make them or the mommas who buy them?

A friend of mine who is a teacher in an elementary school expressed her opinion on the low-rise jeans....whenever there is a tornado drill, you see all the hineys in the hall way as they assume the position.  While this actually made me laugh (hey-I am human after all) it's really frustrating.

Maybe I should start a company of my own.  "No Crack Jeans".  You know-made the way jeans should be cover your butt!

In the mean time I will continue to be on the look out for decent girls' jeans.  My sources tell me Land's End is a good place to start....

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