Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Change is a Good Thing!

I have heard it said that 'The only person who likes change is a wet baby."

False! I LOVE change. I thrive on it. When something is the same, day in and day out...after a while I just want to scream.

So, since this is the time of year when all homeschool moms contemplate what their course of action will be for next school year, we have some changes in store.

Next year we will be enrolling in an online charter school.

The reasons I have are varied, but the biggest ones are:

1.  My daughter thrives on schedules. She even 'schedules' when she drinks water during the day.  She likes neat and orderly and predictable. When she's done with her work, often times she wants more.  Mommy doesn't always have more planned for the day.  (Can I just say she is her father's child? :) )  Most of all she is a very independent learner and driven. When I presented the idea of  her being responsible for logging in each morning to view her assignments and then tackling them, a gleam came into her eye. 

Not to mention, art class. She can take art classes.

And grades. The kid loves getting grades.

2.  My son NEEDS schedules. He is his Momma's child...floating through the day and oh look! Shiny thing! Lets do math! He needs structure to his day.

3.  My son is a huge techie and there are several technology courses that I could never afford to pay for in the real world.

4.  I want them to diverge and try out things that are 'just for them'. Because they are so close in age, much of our schooling is done together, except math and language arts.  But art, foreign language, electives in general...I want them to be able to customize their educations to suit themselves.

5.  Accountability.  Huge reason.  In order to prepare them for college and the working world, I want them to learn accountability.  And deadlines. Sure, I could impose deadlines in our homeschool...but I don't.  It's just not something that ever happens.

And lets be honest here...I find myself losing steam. I think it's because I am craving change.  I can tell my kids aren't as invested in their school time as they used to be.  And in my opinion, homeschooling works best when EVERYONE is engaged, especially mom.

In years past I have contemplated going this route, but my heart would always say 'no'.  This time, my heart is saying 'yes'! 

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  1. Good for you all! I hope it's a great change, and I'm sure the kids will do fine regardless. You've raised them well, and they are bright, so they'll do great. There are changes coming here, too, but I'd rather discuss it all in person. So, I'll share on Friday. :)