Monday, July 23, 2012

Curriculum 2012-2013

Not sure about all you other homeschool moms out there, but I am finally getting ready for the year!  We are keeping some old favorites and branching out with some new and fun things. 

Here's the grand tour...

Old Favorites:

Saxon Math...

 6/5 for the daughter.  Since my son also did 6/5, this will be familiar ground.

Algebra 1/2 for my son.  Can I just say my memories of Algebra in my school days is enough to give me the hives? I am trying not to let that attitude carry over to my son. 

Easy Grammar!  It's easy. It's grammar.  Enough said.

The only spelling book you'll ever need. Yay!

Okay...we started this last year and let it fall to the wayside due to overscheduled lives.  We are going to stick with this this year! The kids enjoyed learning Latin and Greek words and roots last year...hopefully we will be speaking in sentences this year.

Now, for the New and Exciting...

The Time Travelers series from Homeschool in the Woods. Basically you get a history lesson and then project ideas that correspond. For each lesson you prepare an addition for a lapbook that will be finished at the end of all of the lessons. I am so excited to do this!  The lapbook templates are amazing in detail and not childish at all.  AND we are reading LOTS of historical fiction.  That will have to be another post, as there are too many to include here!

Noeo Science is right up my alley...not a 'textbook' based curriculum, but rather interesting books and it includes a teachers manual and <drum roll> a physics set from Thames and Kosmos and an electric circuit kit. Yay!

This seemed fun.  The book gives a scenario and the kids have to finish the story with their own imaginations. I think it will be well received.

Another 'new-ish' addition...more notebooking!  Lots of notebooking.  Writing across the curriculum and such.

How about you?  What is the one subject you are looking most forward to this coming year?


  1. It all looks good, girl. Best of luck, and I hope you all have a fabulous year! Hey -- Caleb's taking Latin, so maybe they can converse. LOL! I really like our "exploration" time b/c it allows Caleb to learn what he wants to learn in a fun way. :) That's when we throw in the lapbooking/notebooking stuff. :)

  2. Looks Great!!! I have looked at the NoeoScience a few times now.. and mentioned it to the hubby enough that now he wants to see it... so we shall see where it ends up.