Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Unit

You all know I love a holiday.  There's just so many ways to make school fun.

Here's our Valentine's Day unit study, topic by topic:

Language Arts:  Studying sonnets and iambic pentameter.  We will read "My Mistresses Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun" by Shakespeare and use this as a study guide  Then we will try our hand at writing our own sonnets!

Math:  Here's a logic puzzle for Valentines Day

Another activity...cut out a paper heart.  Then ask the children- how can you make a heart out of circles and triangles?  Find the area of each circle and each triangle and determine the area of your heart!

Science:  Make heart crystal ornaments

Study how chocolate is made and the effects it has on the brain

History:  Study the history of chocolate

and here

Also we will read the biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and read her poem "How Do I Love Thee?"

I hope you all have fun with teaching Valentine's themed topics! If you have any interesting ideas of your own...please share!


  1. You may already know this but we have some books on the history of chocolate and other items in the children's section at the library. Seems like a lot of fun!!!

  2. I would expect nothing less of you, my dear librarian friend. ;)