Thursday, May 2, 2013

F.A.T. Tuesdays

We just moved in to a rental home.  It's a temporary thing until we actually build our new home...


I can't wait.

Did I tell you I can't wait?

Anyway, speaking of not being capable of waiting, I recently read a blog article about the value of NOT entertaining your kids 24/7.

I loved the points she brought out concerning patience. If our kids don't learn how to handle being bored and being patient, how will that effect their adult lives? 

Now, back to the I-just-moved thing....I have let the kids have WAY too much time with their technology.  Mainly because I just didn't want to be 'bothered' and also, well, there is a lot of their stuff that is still boxed up.

BUT, for the sake of being a good momma and assuaging my guilt, I have come up with

F.A.T. Tuesdays...or  Freedom from All Technology Tuesdays.  (Yes...I know that would be F.F.A.T. with me here.)

Actually I have a friend (shout out to Tammy N.!) who told me a few years ago that she has Tech Free Tuesdays for her kids.  So, yes, Tammy...I am totally stealing your idea.

On F.A.T. Tuesdays...NONE of us will be allowed technology. We will have to find something entertaining to do ALONE.  Well, at least for one hour a day we have our alone time to do what ever it is that will be creative and fun, and we have to do it by ourselves.  Then the other 23 hours of the day we will find a new board games...go for ever our little hearts take a notion to doing.

Did I mention that includes me as well? Nothing like a little alone time for mommy, right? EXCEPT....I can't use my hour for housework, or homeschooling stuff, or anything like that. It has to be an hour of creative fun. Yay! Now, that is sad when I have to schedule in alone fun time for myself...but I do.

So, from now on, on Tuesdays we will be off the grid.  I'm sure I will be dealing with withdrawals like everyone else in this house so...pray for us!

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