Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"You've Come a Long Way, Baby!"

Who remembers this ad?  (Yes, I am that old.)

Since moving into this rental home I realized how much I took our security for granted in our old neighborhood.

I've had to learn to lock the doors everytime I leave the house.

I've had to make myself remember to bring my purse out of the van and make sure IT is locked at all times.

I have barbed wire strung across the fence that surrounds the backyard.

I can't let my kids just ride their bikes or run down the street to play.

All this worrying about kids and safety made me think about my own childhood.  And my Momma.

Dang she was lucky to be able to raise kids in the early 1970's.

She could let her 3 year old play out in the yard with out the fear of either someone snatching up her child or the neighbors reporting her to DFACS for negligence.

She could let her kids walk or ride their bikes to school with out the worry that they wouldn't make it because of some weirdo.

She didn't have to explain to her kids about internet safety and why they won't be getting a social media account anytime soon.

She didn't have to meet all of the parents of the kids we played with.

She could leave us at home alone for hours at a time.  When she got a job we made our own dinner and did our homework.

She simply had to tell us "Be home for dinner!" and didn't have to be concerned if we were miles deep in the woods (we were) or playing with power tools (we were) or riding our bikes miles from home (we were).  If we got into mischief, WE would be the ones punished...not her.

Basically...she could let us out of her sight and not worry that we would be kidnapped, murdered or that she would be thrown into jail for negligence.

Yes, I am a little jealous.  I would love to just ENJOY my child raising years without the constant 'fear' in the background...the ever present nagging 'worry' that every step my kids take away from me is a potential disaster.

Maybe we *have* come a long way, Baby.  A long way in the wrong direction.

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