Sunday, January 30, 2011

As It Should Be

One thing I love about my church is the fact that we truly go out into the world to change people's lives.  We have built and run an orphanage in El Salvador and are building one in the Bahamas.  We are working on a sting operation at an undisclosed location in the world to free young girls from the sex slave trade.  We also have built two water wells in Kenya, Africa.  Our 'ambassador' of sorts from Kenya is a delightful little man named Michael. Periodically he comes to our church and gives us an update on the progress of the wells and what a difference it has made for his people. 

Michael is from the Masaai tribe (sp?) and therefore lives very modestly.  When I say modest, I mean, his home is built out of cow dung.  Recently he and his wife took in 6 orphans. When our pastor asked him how he could manage to feed everyone, Michael responded, " I gathered everyone together and told them, I will do my best to make sure we all eat with each other. If we can't, then we can die with each other."

Isn't that the beauty of family?  Through good times and bad-you have some one there for you, by your side.

As it should be.

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