Monday, June 27, 2011


I have a friend who was asking me about Internet service yesterday.  We compared companies and comments.  I can't remember exactly what I said, but it was along the lines of having a phone that is 'just' a phone.  No Internetz on my phone.  She replied "Oh yeah.  You guys are cocooning over there, aren't you?"

Cocooning? I was curious.  I had heard the term before, but never really thought I was a cocooner.

I Googled "cocooning trend" and read up on it.

Basically, it is a trend where people are choosing to stay home more instead of going out-to movies, to dinner, etc.  That folks are more inclined to rent movies and have get-togethers at home rather than have expensive movie nights and parties. There was mention that Cocooners would be obese and under-socialized.


My too-late response is this:

What did people do before the Internet and social media?  They actually spent time with their families.  They used the phone to call and talk to people.  They were NOT obese because they cooked home cooked meals.  (Research has proven that the more people eat out, the more they weigh.)  And really-what's wrong with saving money on movies and dinners out?  More cash for us to do something REALLY fun!  And of course, there's the old 'nut' about homeschoolers being 'cocooned' at home.  I can honestly say this summer we have been so dang busy my head is spinning from all of the activities we have taken part in! 

Maybe we ARE cocooners.  But remember this....

What comes from cocoons?  Something beautiful...


  1. I don't really think cocooning is a fair description. I meant cocooning insinuates insulating from the outside world. I don't think renting movies or spending time in friends' homes is insulating from the outside world. Mayb saving some spare change but I thought Budgets were the new black ~ everyone was doing it? I know I am!

  2. Hey Jeanette! I ended up closing my facebook account when I started feeling nostalgic about the days BEFORE social media! Haven't missed it much. No internetz on my phone, either. If cocooning is the complete opposite of being glued to a crackphone, I'll take it.
    Lisa Wheeler