Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fun Math Stuff...yes, I said FUN!

I have to say, I love the notebooking thing.  We have used notebooking in our history and science in the past and it really adds another dimension to our studies. 

Yesterday I was perusing one of my favorite blogs,  (Jimmie's Collage) and she had some wonderful ideas for math enrichment.  And truth be known, anything that makes math appealing in this house is so worth it. 

She introduced me to the idea of notebooking for math.  I know, I am sure everyone else has caught on to this idea but me, but it was like someone smacked me in the forehead.  GREAT IDEA!  So I went on Amazon and ordered this:

I believe that learning about the great mathematicians in history is a wonderful enrichment idea.  Jimmie also has a Squidoo lens all about math notebooking ideas  (  )-go check it out!

We will also be using these sources for our Fun Fridays...meaning, Fridays will be reserved for our hands on, out of the box, exciting stuff....

"Hardhatting in a Geo World" by  AIMS Education Foundation, which integrates math, physics and engineering, and

"Family Math" by Jean Kerr Stenmark, which has lots of fun, hands on math activities which are also at times heavy on the logic.   Both books are avaliable on Amazon.  And of course, our work from these books will go into our math notebooks as well.

For those of you with math whiz kids, I totally envy you.  Maybe some of my plans for math this year will at least make it more appealing and enjoyable than it has been in the past!

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