Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Book Club

Every mom I know tries to round up activities to do with the kids during the summer months.  The group of fabulous homeschool moms that I have the pleasure of knowing have come up with a wonderful idea- a book club for the kids!

One day a week we meet.  Prior to the meeting we have to read the assigned chapters.  For our group, the first book we chose was Swiss Family Robinson.  (We decided on the classics because we feel all children should be exposed to great literature...but any good book would do!)

Yesterday was our first meeting after reading the first four chapters.  After discussing the characters and the plot, we used a map to chart the path that the Robinsons would have taken from Switzerland to New Guinea.  We discussed what would be important for survival on a deserted island.  The children were taught how to lash three poles together with a particular knot (sorry-I can't remember what it was called!).  They then built a shelter, cracked open a coconut and tasted the milk and the meat of the coconut.

What fun!  And it is making reading exciting for my "I'd rather not read" son. 

Go out and get some friends together for your own Summer book club! 

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  1. Caleb had a blast yesterday! I hate that I miss it, but I have to keep Micah away. :) Caleb read those first 4 chapters in one evening. We went out to celebrate Father's Day at Olive Garden, and he was busy reading. LOL! :) He's thrilled with the book choice. Can't wait to see what happens next week!