Monday, January 16, 2012

The Classroom of Life

We've been studying simple machines lately in science.  What better time to employ Daddy in the homeschooling process than invade the man-cave while he is rotating the tires and changing the oil?

We saw first hand how a car jack is a lever.  How when you try to jack it close to the fulcrum, it is much harder than if you use the very end of the bar.  (Mechanical Advantage anyone?)  And of course we saw how the lever makes lifting the van so much easier.

We took the wheels off the van and had them identify the axle.  We talked about how the steering wheel has a different axle that is controlled by the steering wheel, and how the van wheels are controlled by their axle.

What better way to learn such things than with your own hands and with your Daddy on his day off work?

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