Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thieves of Today

"Yesterday and Tomorrow are the Thieves of Today."

I read that on a church bulletin board while driving my son to his middle school youth group meeting last night and it has bounced around in my head ever since.

Goodness knows I know too many people who let yesterday steal their today.  They live with past regrets, or revel in the glory days...."Everything was better then!" or "I just can't forgive my self for what I did.  I'll never forget it."

I am guilty of letting tomorrow stealing my today.  I am always worrying about the next thing, trying to get two steps ahead and not focusing on the here and now.  Then that makes me worry about yesterday being lost because I was too busy in Tommorrowland.

Remember: Yesterday was once Today.  It was a today that was filled with the choices we made (bad, good or ugly) and then when it was done, we put it behind us.  Or, should I say, Time put it behind us.
It's never coming back, no matter how much we wish or obsess on it.

Tomorrow doesn't exist.  It's really nothing.

Today is here though.  Today I get to choose if it becomes a yesterday to smile over or regret.

I'm going for the smile option.

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