Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Randomness of January

Here in the South, we may not get a White Christmas...but we get something even better.

75 degree days in January! Which, I might add, is very helpful when one is studying wheels and axles for science class and one needs to build a water wheel for school.

Which actually worked!  Not that you can tell from this photo.

So, what to blog about?  Not much has been going on here. 

We removed the old carpet from all of the bedrooms to prepare for the installation of the new carpet at the end of this week..which means all of the contents of all the bedrooms and the classroom are placed all throughout the house.  Which means we are living like hoarders right now, running through the little paths between the stuff. Ugh.  My feng shui has taken a beating.  And can I just say that, next to unclogging a hairball out of a drain, that pulling up old carpet is highly disgusting?

The kids and I have been sick with some sort of allergy-sinus infection-cough crud.  All I can say is yuck.  I'm sure all of the mystery dust from under the carpet played  a huge role in our condition. 

Good news though!  Yesterday was the first day back to co-op!  The kids really seemed to enjoy their classes, and I enjoyed helping out in an art class and my daughters sewing class. 

What about you all?  What's new in your neck of the woods?


  1. Loved the first lines of this post, lol. I am also in the south. I love the cooler temps, and look forward to them. My boys (ages 12 and 7) however, LOOOOOVE when January freaks out and gives us a few warm days to go outside and play...break up in the indoor blahs. :D

    I'm sorry about your ickies and hope you all start to feel better soon. Two years ago, we pulled up all of our carpet, and really is one of *the* most disgusting things I've done, lol.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog, and again...hope the sicklies go away soon! :)

    An accidental homeschooler who eventually realized it was the best “accident” of her life!

    1. I have read more of your blog...sorry...I'm a habitual blog reader and commenter so out of habit I say that, lol. I found your blog last week and I continue to enjoy it. :D