Friday, January 27, 2012

Comprehension Booster: "ABC Books"

I know what you are thinking...

"REALLY? ABC books?  And how old are your children?"

Just listen before you judge me.

We are making ABC books about George Washington this week, as we just studied the French-Indian War.

Divide several sheets of paper across the middle with a red line.  Or purple.  Or green.

Each section will be represented by one letter only.

The kids have to start with the letter 'A' and think of a word that starts with 'A' and relates to George Washington.  Then they have to write a few sentences about why they chose the word they chose.

Sounds simple, but wait till you get to 'E'.   Can you think of a word that relates to  George Washington that starts with 'E' off the top of your head?  I didn't think so.  If you did, post it in my comments. :D

We are working through the whole alphabet (yes, even X, Y and Z!) and making an illustrated cover.

Simple, yes.  Easy...not really!  It really had them searching through several history books and encyclopedias for a while and the information they encountered was just a bonus.

1 comment:

  1. Love this idea!!
    Elated - when the war was over?
    Father (was a step father, actually, no childrn of his own, but I read he was a great stepfather to Martha's children)
    God-fearing (because GW certainly was!)
    Humble (ditto)
    Likeable (unanimously chosen as president! Imagine THAT!)
    Natural leader
    Quite the Gentleman (quiet?)
    Thankful (for his service, I am!)
    Unanimous (chosen for president) or Underdog during the Am Rev War
    War won
    X - like a railroad crossing sign, crossing the Delaware
    Y- maybe something he did in his youth?
    Zero presidents as precedent (lol!)
    ; ) Lisa