Friday, May 4, 2012


(Warning: Shameless Mama bragging to ensue...)

That moment in homeschooling that I have dreaded has son is smarter than me.  Or at least better in math than I am.

The following conversation occured during our math lesson a few days ago:

Me: Okay...there are three steps to solving this problem.  First you...

Will:  240!

ME: Heh, it's not 240.  See, first you have to multiply this. Then you...

Will:  It's 240 Mom.

Me: Okay, it's not 240.  When you multiply this by this, add the square root of this and divide by this and this (not the actual problem, but you get the picture)...the answer is....well...240.

Will: I told you!

Me: Yes you did, didn't you? (Thinking the whole time 'how in the heck did he do that in his HEAD? He is his father's child. )

Then we had the discussion about why it is important to work algebra problems step by step and SHOW YOUR WORK.  To which he rolled his eyes.

 I know son...I know.

*Forgot to mention this tidbit...this is my kid who struggled in math in public school for 4 years.  Homeschooling rocks!


  1. Good for him! Good for you, too...shows he's got a great math teacher, too. :) Caleb will do that, too, sometimes...rattle off an answer without lifting his pencil. But then again...he goofs on the simplest of problems. It's always the tougher ones that he can just figure out. Guess it's his analytical thinking coming out. LOL!

  2. I know Sherrie! His problem is self confidence in his abilities...he is always saying "I think I need help!" and then I tell him to explain it to me and he knows what to do. So once I get that self confidence down...he's golden. ;)

  3. Love it!!!
    ; ) Lisa W