Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home Summer Day Camp 2012

You may be asking yourself..."Self? What do homeschoolers do for summer camp?  Homeschoolers with frugal mommas?" 

I'm so glad  you asked.

While I am sure my kids would love day camp, I can't justify the expense.  So, here is my plan for one week this Summer...Day Camp At Home.  After morning devotions and a trip to the 'mess hall', we have a schedule for the week.

Monday:  Swimming Day.  Plan a day at the local pool/lake, complete with picnic lunch.  Try out some new swimming techniques.  If I can talk my brother into it, a kayaking lesson may be in the works.

Tuesday:  Board Game Day!  Get out all those board games and have a ball playing them. Card games also. 

Wednesday:  Cooking Day!  They will learn all about different cooking techniques and I will have all the ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for camp style cooking..and guess who will be doing the cooking?  Yep.  My little campers! 

Thursday:  Hiking/ Nature Journal Day.  Cruise to a local state park with our nature journals and colored pencils, magnifying glasses and a camera.

Friday:  Messy Science Day. I have a few science kits stocked away for a rainy day.  We will get those out and have fun with them, along with some messy science experiments from the Internetz.

Each evening will end with a camp fire and family time.

What about you?  Ever done a Day Camp at home? Any ideas to share?

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