Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What We're Reading...

Right now in our history studies we are focused on the 1780's-1790's.  We learned about the French Revolution, the Haitian Revolt, Napoleon, etc.   I found this book at the used book store and thought "Oh! This will be right up our alley!"  So I bought it.

"Fever 1793" is  a fictional tale of a very real historical event:  the yellow fever epidemic of 1793 in Philadelphia.  The central character is Mattie Cook, a tween aged girl who, in the beginning, is a little on the lazy side.  Of course, as the yellow fever begins its' march through all of the families of Philadelphia, she learns quickly that in order to survive she needs to be strong and have faith.

I can't tell you much more because I don't want to give anything away! 

Several of the characters in the story were real people at the time of the epidemic, and in the back of the book the author gives a brief history of each person. The author does a wonderful job weaving together the fictional and non-fictional to provide an exciting, interesting, educational tale.

My kids are really enjoying this book.  I am using it as a read aloud and having discussion questions after each session.  There is so much thought-provoking material to be discussed.

I will add that there are a few instances that are a bit 'bloody' and death, of course is prevalent.  My children have not had an issue with either, and they tend to be sensitive, so while it is mild, it is there.

And.of course, like any good homeschooling mother I threw in a mosquito and yellow fever study just to be sure we had a well rounded experience. ;)

I recommend "Fever 1793" highly if your students are covering this period in history!

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