Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent Season

Every year we do something a little different for Advent. 

One year we made a wreath out of fresh greenery and placed the traditional three purple, one pink and one white candles to be lit each Sunday of Advent along with a Bible verse that corresponded.

This year we made an Advent banner, courtesy of this lovely blog:

I printed out the triangles and wrote an activity on the back of each one.  Things like 'write a note of apprectiation to someone in our family' or 'have a movie night of Polar Express with cocoa and popcorn' and 'Make gingerbread houses'.  Also I downloaded some corny Christmas riddles for the kids, cut them out and taped one on the back of each triangle.

I paper-clipped each triangle onto a length of shiny ribbon and hung it across the fireplace mantle.

Some other ideas for each day are:

Study different countries and their celebrations at Christmastime.
Learn about St. Nicholas and leave a shoe out for him to fill on St. Nicholas' Day.
Do a random act of kindness for a stranger.
Make snowflakes out of paper.
Make salt dough ornaments.
Learn a new Christmas song to play on the piano.
Make Christmas cookies.
Read all our favorite Christmas stories.

Simple, inexpensive fun.

How about you all? Do you celebrate Advent?  And how do you celebrate?

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