Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blessed to be a Blessing

I just got finished grocery shopping with my kids.  I was annoyed to have to pay over $200 for didn't seem like a whole lot of groceries.

The van was low on gas, so while at the Kroger I stopped at the gas station to pump gas.

As I was pumping gas, an older, beat up looking car pulled up on the other side of the pump.  A lady approached me from behind...

"Ma'am? Can I please bother you to get me a little gas?"

I replied that I didn't have cash. 

"I don't want any cash...I need gas. Even if it is just a little..."  Desperation in her voice made me believe her.  I looked in her car.  Two little, scared little girls peeped out from piles of clothes and household items. The cat meowed from its carrier.

She continued, "My house burned down...I have two kids, the little one has the flu, and a cat, and everything I own is in my car. I don't know what else to do but go back to Florida, where my family is.  I keep praying to God, but He doesn't hear me..."  At this point she is almost sobbing.

"He doesn't hear me....I just pray and pray.  I lost a baby last year at this time and I keep wondering "Where is God? Why doesn't He help me??"

I filled up her tank with gas.  I asked her if she wanted me to pray with her.  She said yes, so we stood in the gas station holding hands and praying. 

I left her with a hug and told her girls "Merry Christmas".

I'm not telling you this story to make myself look good....

I'm telling you this to inspire you to not be cynical this Christmas.  When someone needs your help, give it, what ever you can, what ever it takes.  Show some one who is hurting that YOU care, even if the world seems like it is caving in.

I wish I knew what lie ahead of her.  I hope she makes it safely to Florida.  I hope if that is ever myself and my children in desperate need, that someone BELIEVES me.

I wish her and hers all the blessings that God can shower upon her. 

And I wish the same for all of you too.

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