Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolutions...Yes, I Make Them

I love New Year's Eve/Day.  What better than a holiday to celebrate the successes (or learning from the failures) of an old year and the freshness and grand possibilities of a new year?

Here are some of my resolutions for the New Year:

1. The Husband Project

One of my favorite friends let me in on this.  It's all about showing little acts of love on a daily basis for the hubby. Let's face it...husbands for the most part don't get the credit they deserve in this world.  Why not go the extra mile and let him know every day how important and loved he is?

2.  Wearing nicer shoes.  I am the flip-flop queen.  Or the sneaker queen.  I love my sweats and comfy clothes. But I want to improve my image, polish it a little. So this year, more cute shoes.  Truly, if you have a pair of cute shoes, you know you won't just put on the athletic pants or'll make the effort to look a little more stylish.

3.  Focus more on healthy eating, less on what size I am.  I figure if I gear towards a healthier lifestyle, the pounds will follow. 

4.  Fostering more independence with the kids.  This year I have started leaving them home alone for stretches of time.  They have learned to cook basic meals and clean house and wash clothes.  This year the independence will extend to the homeschool life.  I want them to take ownership of their education.

How about you all? Do you make resolutions?  What are your hopes for the new year?

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  1. Great resolutions! I tend to not really make resolutions but instead pick themes for the year. This year my theme is gratitude. I will express it more and be more purposeful in finding it. But I also made a resolution, just for fun... I will track my reading this year! Not sure whether it will be in this gorgeous book journal I received for Christmas or on goodreads... but one way or another, I will track!