Tuesday, December 18, 2012

True, Noble, Right, Pure, Lovely and Admirable

I have a 13 year old son.

He has the biggest heart.  He will literally give you anything if he has it and knows it will make you happy.

He has a strong moral compass.  He is quick to point out if something seems 'not-right' or if an injustice has been done.

And like most 13 year old boys, he enjoys playing video games.

I am vigilant that the games he plays are age appropriate and not violent.  He will even tell others who want to get him to play 'M' rated games..."No thanks, I'm not allowed."

I get teased a little for that choice.  Or at least told that video games are harmless fun and it's all just 'make believe' anyway...why not?

My reason for 'why not' is this verse from the Bible:

I want my children to fill their minds with things that are lovely, admirable, noble.

There is too much violence in the real world already...why would you want your young children to actively pursue it as entertainment? 

Also there is this verse that applies:

I want their treasure and their hearts and minds on things that the world needs more of..not of what the world has too much of already.

It's a free country and by all means, let everyone raise their children how they see personally fit.

And please respect me for raising mine the way I see fit.

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