Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And That's Why I Never Watch TV

Yesterday was a follow up visit at the allergists office for my son who is allergic to the state of Georgia.  (Fun times!)

We were the only ones in the waiting room (it was 1:45 pm) so it was nice and quiet...except the TV was on.

Have any of you seen "The Talk"? Kind of like "The View" wannabes?  Yeah...that was on.

First story they Brandy from the Real Housewives claimed she slept with some actor and rated him on a scale of 1 to 10 as an 11 'in bed'.  Then they showed a clip of said actor on the Howard Stern show airing his side of the story.

 Really? This is news?  Where I come from it's called a 'one night stand' and you usually don't discuss it with a MILLION people....and their CHILDREN.

Then they got on to the subject of porn.  Not just for a few seconds. For at least 5 minutes they went on and on about porn.

This is when I start loudly suggesting to the kids..."ANYONE WANT A MAGAZINE?"

Even I was uncomfortable hearing the word 'porn' being thrown around left and right...I'm even uncomfortable typing it in this post.

AND of course Sharon Osbourne is telling us all about how she rallied in her little village, when her kids were young, to have pornography taken out of book stores so her kids don't have to see it.

(Never mind that my kids have to hear her TALKING about it...)

And of course she begins telling all these stories of sitting next to someone in an airport while they are reading a certain kind of magazine and is telling us all what she is SEEING...

My son looks over at me with a pleading look in his eye that says "Make it stop Mom!"
My daughter has her head bowed and is trying to tune it all out.

And I am sitting there mortified.  It's one o'clock on a weekday afternoon, people!  Should this really be a topic of conversation? Is there nothing else on God's green Earth to report on than THAT??

I felt like I needed a shower when we left the waiting area.

Am I that much of a prude?  Really?  Or has modern culture become so desensitized to this type of junk that we all just accept it as the norm?

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