Friday, March 15, 2013

To The New Owner of This House I haven't really sold my house yet. But we have an interested party and the wheeling and dealing are happening as we speak.

But I fully intend on leaving a letter to the new owner of this house when it finally DOES sell.  And it will read something like this.

Dear New Owner,

I hope you love this house as much as I did. Let me tell you a little bit about it, in case you wondered...

This is the only home my babies have ever lived in.  My son first called me 'Mama' in the blue bedroom to the right one sunny morning when he was 6 months old.  I tracked his growth on the back of his bedroom door.  The last line I marked was as tall as I am now.

The white bedroom to the left is where I spent countless hours rocking my daughter to sleep.  She never could stand to be alone, even as a baby.  It's also where I first told her about the big Warrior Angels that God sends to protect her each night. (She's afraid of the dark)

In the flower bed to the left of the back patio is where some of our pets were laid to rest.  There's a bunny, a guinea pig and two parakeets there.  Our own little hallowed ground.  We cried several times over there. And we also laid flowers.

The kitchen is where my littles first dragged a chair across the floor to the counters to help make cookies. Then they got too tall to stand on chairs.  And too old to help bake cookies.

The Bradford Pear in the front was planted by me when I was 7 months pregnant.  I wanted to watch it grow with my son.  And just like him, it is beautiful in each season of life.

The dining room...that's the place where we all said grace.  And had 14 Thanksgiving dinners together with our families.  And birthday parties.  And Christmas caroling parties with loving family and friends.

This house sheltered us through storms.  It was a safe haven after long workdays or tough life days.  It provided comfort and peace.

I hope you can feel the love in our house.  I'm fairly certain the laughter and love lingers even when we are gone.

Now it is time to fill it with your own.



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