Monday, March 11, 2013

Field Trip: Port Columbus

Since we are studying the Civil War, I found a wonderful field trip opportunity that was relatively close by...Port Columbus, Columbus, Georgia!

First of gotta love an interpreter in costume.

We learned the differences in weapons used by the Confederacy and the Union.  And the origins of many sayings that we use today such as "lock, stock and barrell"..."Pop a cap"....and "boot camp".

We also learned that you had to be at least 13 years old to join the Civil War navy...13! I have a hard time making my 13 year old make his bed everyday!

Another least 4 teeth.  So that you can tear open the little paper tubes of gunpowder with your teeth in order to use it in your gun.  I am assuming that means 2 upper and 2 lower, and that they all meet up with each other.

We learned the story of the Water Witch.  It almost sounded like a Three Stooges episode at some points...very interesting!  Also, the men who refused to fight in the skirmish were sent to Andersonville Prison...which will be our next field trip, I'm sure.

One of the tour guides demonstrated a Civil War rifle.... note the earplugging. 

 My favorite display...the actual remains of a Civil War ironclad ship.  This particular ship was captured by the Union and set ablaze and left to drift up the burned for 3 weeks.  Can you imagine?

 Us listening to the tale of the Water Witch...

A model of the upper decks of the Virginia (Merrimac).  The floor that we were standing on was where water level would have been.  It was a very low profile ship, hence a smaller target.  Also, this protected the vulnerable underbelly of the ship, which was made of wood, by 'hiding' it underwater.

And since it was a beautiful day, we enjoyed a picnic lunch by the Chattahoochee River. 

One thing to love about living in Georgia...when one studies the Civil War, there is no shortage of field trip opportunities to bring it to life!

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