Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Latest Craze: Fruity Lemonade

Lately we have been on a mission in my home to eliminate processed foods and drinks from our diets.  Along with that we have been incorporating more fresh produce.

As we all know, fresh berries are wonderful! Except...they spoil quickly.

And truth be known, my kids don't really care for smoothies.  One doesn't like berries unless they are baked in a cobbler.

BUT they love lemonade.

So I have been tinkering around with making homemade lemonade because I had a whole bag of lemons that needed a purpose in life before they rotted.

And I happened to have strawberries that were on the same doomed path.

And blueberries.

Voila!  Fresh lemonade with a handful of strawberries and blueberries blended right in!

Way better than Kool Aid. 

I can't wait til Summer when the peaches and blackberries are in season...and the peppermint! And pineapple sage!

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