Friday, September 9, 2011

The American Adventure Series

I came across a few of the books in this series at our local used book store during the summer and thought they might be a nice addition to our history studies this year.

We LOVE this book!

It's written for ages 9-12 and is full of historical information.  And its actually an interesting read!  You find yourself really rooting for the main characters, John and Sarah Smythe, as they make the trip to North America on board the Mayflower.  Historic figures are brought to 'life'...William Bradford, William Brewster, John Alden, and Captain Jones.

I don't know about you, but anything that provides another 'facet' of learning gets me excited.  We have enjoyed this book as a read aloud as we study this period of American history.  Did I mention the kids love hearing it?  As much as I have enjoyed reading it out loud to them.

There are several books in this series.  I'm tempted to buy some more!


  1. That sounds like a GREAT book. I wonder if the library has it. Hmmm... We just finished studying the Pilgrims this week, so we're spending a few days reading stories from the library. History is NOT my favorite subject, but I've enjoyed it more this year with the stuff we're using. :)

  2. Sherrie-if you want to borrow it...just let me know!

  3. Billy has several of these books. He loves them! I have even read them when I have run out of adult books to read!