Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Do I Really Need Another Reason to Love Tim Tebow?

Checked out Tim Tebow's book at the library the other day:

I read it for two reasons.

1.  He's a well known celebrity who was homeschooled as a child and, of course, that is intriguing.

2.  Come on...have you looked at him? *swoon*

I brought the book home and within five minutes my son absconded with it and proceeded to read it over the next five days.  He gave it a two-thumbs-up.


What I Liked:  Mr. Tebow related so many instances in his life where his faith and homeschooling were absolutely beneficial in his success.  He was very inspriring.   I appreciated the fact that he is unapologetic about his beliefs.  His personal drive is incredible. 

What Was....'Meh':  He seemed to 'hold back' a little.  Topics where I was hoping he would go in depth, he just skimmed with basic facts.  And there was quite a bit of technical 'football speak' that glazed my eyes over. 

Overall, as a homeschooling mom, this book was wonderful to read in how homeschooling really shapes the character and lives of our children.  Mr. Tebow is such a positive role model for young men (and ladies) everywhere!  If you aren't interested in football, you can skim over those parts and still come away with a very inspiring read.

And the pictures aren't bad, either.

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