Thursday, September 22, 2011

Snitching From Other Blogs, Again

Okay, Day 2 of snitching from other blogs.  I'm sorry...but this was too good not to share:

"My first clue, probably, was that I was dying to have my kids back in school so I could have my life back. What else can I do to get time alone? How else can I do some work? Work is very fun.
I love work. I love how people tell me how great I am when I am right. I love when I sell something and make a lot of money, when I create a great job for someone, when I give great career advice. Work is so rewarding. I get accolades and I get money. It’s a toxic combination.
And kids at home without school is just impossible. There is no reward system. There is no announcement that the mom has done a good job. We don’t even know what a good job is."

Go over and read the article.  What homeschool mom hasn't ever felt like this?  I will admit, the author is pretty militant against public schools, but over all she makes some excellent points.

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