Thursday, September 8, 2011





A month without a computer.  I feel like I have been living under one of these:

If you've never gone that long without access to the Internetz, you should try it sometime.  Especially if you homeschool your kids.  And especially if you don't have a 'smart phone'.  Talk about kickin' it old school...we actually had to use BOOKS to learn stuff around here. 

Anyhoo, in the past month I have had a few noteworthy firsts.

1.  Got stung by a stingray at the beach.  Thankfully I had on those ugly water shoes, but the tip of the stinger penetrated the mesh and although it just broke the really hurt. 

2.  Literally saw 5 million jellyfish on the beach.  And in the water.  Not sure if it was some crazy spawning mass suicide, but it made us all play in the sand for a day or two. 

3.  Taught a book club class yesterday.  Which, honestly, had me all vaklempt.  I was so nervous.  Kids are a tough crowd, man.  They don't care-they will yawn in your face if they don't think you are interesting! (But I brought Swiss Cake Rolls for a snack, so I am the coolest book-club-mom ever.)

4.  Have instituted an Early Bird boot camp around here after finding my kids wanting to snooze in the bed until 9:00 every morning.  We now have alarm clocks set for 7:00 am, they are responsible for making their own breakfast every morning and we are ready for school at 8:30.  So far so good.  (I know most of you probably already do this...but it's new for us. )

How about you all?  What's new with you?


  1. teaching a Sunday School class for moms, sending my kids to 'school' twice a week (which they LOVE and so do I), no tv at night since we've been so busy remodeling the house, and FOOTBALL! what fun to watch those little guys try to navigate the rules and plays of the game.

  2. Sorry to hear about the jellyfish!! I lived on the beach for the first 23 years of life and never got stung by one...knock wood! Love the early morning routine you've established. And no, I don't do it, I need to...but then, it's hard when we don't get home from softball 'til 10pm sometimes...Here's what I've been doing:

    1) Finally getting into a groove with school! We are loving our history, science, math, and worldview (Bible) curriculum changes this year!! Hooray!!!
    2) FINALLY found and joined an awesome homeschool group! Total answered prayer!!
    Kids taking some classes with the group: writing, PE and tumbling. And we are digging the cool field trips and "hangout" sessions. Nothing like a pool party when all the public school kids are in school!
    3) softball 2-4 nights per week = massively messy house. New league, neighboring county. Million times better. My youngest is also playing this year and loving it so far!
    4) Procrastinating and missing your blogs!!
    Aren't you glad you asked? lol
    Lisa Lovinglife Wheeler ;)

  3. I just HAD to share this!!!!!!!! My oldest is very motivated by grades, I suppose that stems the very competitive school she attended for the first couple of years. I am unmotivated to grade every blasted thing. However, I found a literal answered prayer a few weeks ago and tried it out tonight - easy peasy FREE grading!
    All I had to do was decide the "weight" of some things - ie: for vocabulary, seatwork vs. tests and punch in the number of points available, the number she scored correctly and WHAM, a grade! Perfect for math, English, spelling, vocabulary, Latin and geography. We're doing the "notebook" approach for history, science and worldview with a smattering of simple quizzes and projects, so my grades in those areas are purely my opinions on how well the work was done. I went easy on grading them for now...mwah ha ha...anyway, the site is Free and easy. Lovin' it!!
    Lisa Imonlyorganizedinmydreams Wheeler