Monday, September 19, 2011

Knowing Your Worth

Saturday was the day for Nutcracker Ballet tryouts.  They started at 8:30 that morning and lasted throughout the day. 

Did I happen to mention that my daughter loves to attend the Nutcracker every year at Christmas?  And that professional dancers from all over the world perform for us?  In our 'small town', this is a very big deal.  So of course, my daughter decides she wants to try out for some of the children's parts.

So, Saturday I wake her at 6:00 am so that we can drive to the auditions (which were in the next town over, about 20 minutes away) and get there by 8:30. 

She was eligible for 4 parts. 

First part, she didn't make the cut.

Second part, she didn't make the cut.

Lots of little girls came out crying.  My girl was just excited to try out for the next part.

"Are you going to cry if you don't get a part?"  I asked.

"No.  It'll be just as much fun watching the show even if I'm not in it!" she replied.

Did I mention this was taking a-l-l  d-a-y long? 

Third part- no luck.

But the fourth part..8 hours later...success!   She got the part!

Yes, I m a proud mama.  But the thing I am most proud of is the fact that my daughter knows her worth...and that her worth doesn't involve whether or not she is a 'winner' or a 'loser'.

She's a beloved child of God. And she's special no matter the circumstance.


  1. Lauren is fantastic! I love that she is so sure of herself and not phased so much by the opinions of others or circumstances. :) Good job, Mom and Dad!

  2. That. Is. Awesome.