Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boundaries and the "Bug Man"

It's no secret that I live in the South. The DEEP South, Honey, with sweet tea and cornbread and "Bless Y'all's Hearts".   And calling anything 'salad' when we add mayonnaise and boiled eggs to it.

And bugs.  My lands the bugs.  Every good Southerner has a regular 'date' with the exterminator, or as we refer to him in this house, The Bug Man.

I have a wonderful exterminator, yes, but it's the dispatcher whom I truly enjoy.

She is as Southern as a butterbean and sweet as she can be.  When she calls to set up our bi-monthly service, it always winds up being a 10 minute phone conversation.

"Hey girl! It's time for your service! Oh now Honey, you don't have to wait til payday, you can just send that check right on in the mail to us.  Is 5:00 too late? I know you have kids, I would hate to mess up their supper time.  You have a good day now, hear?"

Or something like that. 

I have never met this lady, but I really do enjoy her.

So she calls yesterday and I can tell something is off.

"Hey! It's time for your service.  Did you have a good holiday? (I replied that I did and asked her if she did)...Well, it was bittersweet.  My Grandpa wanted us all to get together for Thanksgiving, the whole family, and we did-which was really great!  But my Grandpa died yesterday so it was his last Thanksgiving....but it was wonderful that he had just what he wanted."

Poor girl.  My heart just ached for her.  So I told her I was so sorry.  And we set up my Bug Man appointment for next Monday.

Here's my dilemma....I feel the need to send her a sympathy card, but I don't even know her. I don't even know her last name. And how weird would that be for her to get  a card from  a virtual stranger?  But yet I just really, really want to.

I need to know if that is overstepping my boundaries.

What say you?

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  1. I say send it on! You can ask the Bug Man her name when he gets there on Monday. It won't matter that the card is a little late. She'll appreciate it. We love our Bug Man, et al, as well. It helps that my hubby does their web site. ;)