Friday, November 30, 2012


Y'all know what that stands for, right?

Keep It Simple, Stupid.

(Sorry, this isn't a post about kissin'.  :D  )

I have to remind myself of this every time Christmas season rolls around, because nothing is worse than feeling like you were too wrapped up in whatever event that you 'missed it'.

When my kids were little I would plan these cool birthday parties and these really creative cakes and take tons of pictures.

You know what I remember? Stressing out over the cake, the party and the pictures.  And truth be known, my kids would have had just as much fun if I had bought a cake from Publix, let all the kids do what ever they wanted, forgot the camera and was fully engaged.  Which I eventually did.  But those few birthdays I wasted over my own need to impress, well, those are days I will never get back.

Now I worry less about getting the perfect 'shot' and enjoy just BEING and ENJOYING.

Yup, nothing sucks the joy out of a birthday party or a holiday season quicker than stress.

So this year...simplify is my mantra.

A smaller tree is just as effective as a huge one...and much easier to decorate.

Dragging 5 boxes of ornaments out of the attic is never fun.  I donated most of what I had last year to Goodwill. 

It won't kill us to miss this event or that party.

A few gifts that are truly wanted mean more than having a bunch of 'filler' packages under the tree.

A visit to a local family that has a light display inspired by their son who is a cancer survivor is just as beautiful and more meaningful than driving 2 hours and spending over $100 at Callaway Gardens to see those light displays.

Our one big hurrah is a caroling party the Friday before Christmas.  Other than that, I don't forsee any other Christmas parties.

It's my family I want to remember this season..not the stress over time wasted and money spent.

How about you all?  Is a Simpler Season on your Christmas list?

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