Thursday, November 8, 2012

That 13 Letter Word

Do you ever have those moments when you feel God is trying to tell you something..and you kind of keep wanting to push it down because it is NOT what 'many people' would accept?  And so you go on tying yourself up in knots because, even though deep down in your heart, you know what God is telling you but the pressure...OH the pressure from all sides around you, just wants to tell you that little voice is wrong?

Next year my son will be in the 9th grade.  (Hold me.)

And of course instead of worrying about what we are doing THIS thoughts fly to next year and I just get overwhelmed.

And it's all because of one 13 letter word... ACCREDIDATION.

I've looked at online schools.  They are wonderful...but not feeling it.

I've looked at 'boxed' curriculum that is accredited...still not feeling it.

It's not what we love, what has 'worked' for us in the past. 

So of course I want to ignore that little voice that says "Follow your heart.  YOU know your children best."

Which is then followed by that voice that says "What if you screw up your kids?? What then?"


SO all the thoughts of just doing our 'thing' right on through high school are daunted.

Until I had a conversation with a fellow homeschooling mom who was homeschooled her self.

Guess what? When your homeschooled high schooler applies for college...they don't necessarily care about accredidation.  They care about grades, transcripts, entrance exams...and if your high schooler completes college courses while still in high school, it proves they are capable of doing college level work. What accredidation *is* useful for is getting the HOPE grant..which, if you do not have the accredited curriculum, you wind up getting the HOPE as a refund at the end of your college term anyway.

Accreditation is only important to those who stand to make money off of convincing us that we NEED to have it.

Can I tell you that conversation has been like lifting a weight off of my shoulders?

I know my point of view is not shared by many moms in the homeschooling community.  It's okay.  I'm doing what I know to be best for the education of MY kids.

Ahhh...the luxury of educational freedom.

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  1. I don't envy you at all. I don't even want to think about high school...heck, middle school. LOL! Go with your heart and yes, do what works for YOUR child. That's my motto, and I know many others who share it. :) I'm not sure what our plans will be by the time Caleb reaches high school. I am slowly trying to have him be more of an independent learner though b/c I know next year will be spent teaching Micah the basics, so I won't have the ability to devote every minute to Caleb. I'll still be there, but more in the background instead of the forefront. That's hard to swallow, too, knowing that I've "held his hand" for the past 4 years. :( Oh well...learning every day as we make our way through this exciting adventure we know as homeschooling!