Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Manners. They're Free. Get Some.

I read an article today about the 25 manners your children should know and practice before the age of 9.  I was surprised to see such basic things as 'Say please and thank you'.  Well...duh.

So I thought about the manners I consider important and made a list.

1.  Say please and thank you.  I remember my son's 3rd grade public school teacher telling me how my son was the only child in her class who consistently said please and thank you and how refreshing it was.  "Most kids act like they're entitled to everything they get," she said.

2.  Parents- (and I know my kids are guilty of this but *I* follow it the best I can) don't let your children interrupt adults when they are having a conversation! Unless of course if they are puking or bleeding, by all means, tend to them.  My kids know if I am talking, and they run up trying to interrupt the conversation they will get the "Talk to the Hand" signal...meaning, do NOT interrupt us.  When I am done speaking I will acknowledge you. 

3.  Lawsie, mercy, please tell your children to chew with their mouths CLOSED.  Smacking, slurping, talking with a full mouth is just plain gross.  

4.  Any time you recieve a gift, look the gift giver in the eye and tell them "Thank you". With sincerity.  I don't care if it was a pair of socks, show appreciation.  Because really, you aren't thanking them for the gift, you are thanking them for the fact that they went out of their way to acknowledge your birthday/Christmas.

5.  This is so basic I hate to even say it... but remember the old saying "If you can't say anything nice, don't say ANYTHING at all"? Yeah.  Do that.

6.  Parents of boys-tell them that bodily noises, as funny as they are, need to be discreet if at all possible.

7.  Teach your children to NOT argue with adults.  Respect your elders.  Even if you think they are wrong, the adult is still the adult and you are still the child.  So hush.

Let me just say that yes, my kids have violated these a time or two (or twenty).  But rest assured, they were corrected ASAP.

How about you all?  What are your etiquette pet-peeves?

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