Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nature Study

One thing I love about reading 'mommy blogs' is the variety of resources one can find useful.

Handbook of Nature Study is one of those.  Go on over and take a look...there is way too much information on that blog for me to even attempt to provide any over here! 

I also came across these two books:

 These two books have been added to my 'wish list' for our curriculum next year.  The handbook is more or less a guide on how to conduct a nature study.  Obviously the other is a guide on how to get started on a nature journal.   Basically you go out, find examples of what you are wanting to study, and use the journal to sketch, document information, etc.

We will plan on spending at least one hour a week outdoors observing something specific, i.e. a particular type of plant, fungus, creature...or even clouds, weather, etc.  This is otherwise known as...

the Outdoor Hour!  On the Handbook blog you can find a weekly challenge for your nature study that week.  I think the kids will love this for a number of reasons- it's like a scavenger hunt/playtime outside/art.  My son in particular is an avid photographer and he will enjoy snapping photos of what we discover.   I will love it because it will help with scientific observation, such as classifying, observing, documenting, hypothesizing.  I am sure it will also lead to interesting and thought provoking conversations. 

THIS is why I homeschool.  To get my kids outside, in the real world, to learn.

How about you?  Do your kids love the great outdoors like mine?  Do you do a nature study?

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