Monday, May 9, 2011

Team Player

Here in the South, we love our sports. Why? I dunno. Personally *I* think it stems from the love of tradition.  If it is traditional, we Southerners will take it to the nth degree.  Which I happen to love.  And no one can deny the benefits of team sports for children. 

My son played tee-ball/baseball every season since he was 4 (he's now 11).  This was the first year he said he didn't want to play.  Why remains to be revealed.  I think he was just burnt out on baseball.  As a mom and huge baseball fan, I was very disappointed.  I love nothing better than spending a hot summer day watching some kids play baseball. 

This year his passion is golf.  Not my favorite.  I might enjoy *playing* golf...but watching someone else play, well, not so much.  No one jumps up and yells and fist-pumps at golf tournaments.  (Or do they? I've never been to one, but I imagine it is a less spirited crowd.)  But he is really a good golfer and I will nurture his talents, what ever they may be.

Last night I watched him throw a football with his dad.  For a skinny kid, he really can THROW that ball!  And he was catching passes like nobody's business. 

I think I might sign him up for football this year.  Maybe then I can fulfill my fist-pumping needs.

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