Friday, November 4, 2011

Field Trip: Fossils And Such

Yesterday we had a field trip to the local museum of arts and sciences to study fossils and such.  There were many fossilized remains on display, as well as replicas.

 This is a replica of a preserved (mummified) baby mammoth...or was it a mastodon?  It looked very much like the "Ice Man" that was found preserved in the Alps several years ago.

 The children could try their hand at using archaeologists tools....

 After a lesson on the differences between mastodons and mammoths, as well as observing fossils of bones, skulls, and tools, we had some fun with making our own 'fossils'.

 One activity included using clay to make an imprint of a seashell, then mixing and pouring plaster of Paris into the mold.

And this has nothing to do with fossils, but this particular museum has a mini-zoo, and to our good luck the zoo keepers had several animals out for the children to observe and touch.  This one was my favorite.  I kept wanting to stuff him into my purse and take him home.

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