Monday, November 28, 2011

Still Laughing Over This One

Last Wednesday evening the family and I went to eat at a local pizza parlor. I didn't realize I was in for some quality entertainment.

In walk three twenty-somethings, trying their best to look like hip upstarts.  You know how amusing it is when they REALLY TRY to look hip.  Makes me giggle in a 'look-how-cute-they-are' kind of way.

So they sit in the booth behind us and one young man orders a bucket of beer, the other, a 'glass of ice' (Which started my muffled laughter...I ice?  What's the point of drinking water with no ice?)   , and the female accompanying them never spoke above a whisper.  Immediately Beer Boy starts these amusing conversations.  I wish I could blame it on the beer...alas, he hadn't even gotten the bucket yet.

"So, who says that you can really OWN LAND? I mean....does that mean that all the ants that live on YOUR LAND belong only to YOU?"  This was followed by "Imagine if you could peel away the dirt in your yard.  It would be like a huge ant city."  (At this point I am trying not to be so obvious that I am actually laughing at them.  I pointed to my husband and laughed to make it seem like I was amused by our own little conversation. )  Then came this nugget....
"It would be terrible if all the ants in the world were destroyed.  They are very beneficial creatures.  They, like, provide tunnels for other creatures."

Really?   Like, what kind of creatures?  Teeny tiny prairie dogs?

It was all I could do not to die laughing.

Then No Ice Guy comes up with...."I don't know if I would ever homeschool my kids."  (Where the heck did THAT come from? )

" I mean...yeah, they learn alot, but what about SOCIALIZATION?"

At this point I literally had to clamp my lips together with my fingers to keep from laughing hysterically.

Beer Boy- "Oh, did you know they are actually organized? They take field trips and EVERYTHING!"

Now it was all I could do not to cry.

At this point, I had to agree with both of them.

 YES...we are organized.  Yes we are socialized and YES...judging from this conversation, I don't think you should homeschool your kids either.

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