Tuesday, November 15, 2011

School Pictures

Now that I look back on this I can laugh about it.

The first year we homeschooled, one thing I was mildly concerned about was the lack of 'school pictures'.  I already had those little frames where you put in one picture of your child for Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, etc.  I missed having 'picture day'...picking out their outfit, combing down their hair. 

So, off we went to Sears Portrait Studio.

"What are we doing today?  Something cute?  I have some cute backgrounds..." 
(Me) "No...these are school pictures.  They have to have a plain back drop...no props.  Just make it look like a school picture."

I wish she would have talked me out of it.

My attitude was evidence of how ingrained we are about how education is 'supposed' to look, how school is 'supposed' to be...right down to those silly school pictures.

I don't know about you, but every one of *my* school pictures was less than flattering.  Maybe because the photographer snapped the shot the second my rear end hit the chair so he could get to the other 200 kids waiting in line.  And really, is there a need for wallet sized photos any more?  Everyone downloads their pictures these days.  And let's talk about the price of those crummy pictures.  Outrageous. And yet, we moms buy them out of guilt. 

This year, I am taking their pictures myself, with my own camera.  I will take my time.  I will try to capture the essence of who they are...they may not be smiling 'just right' in a stiff, contrived way.  Maybe they will be looking at a passing cloud or laughing hysterically at something.  Maybe they will be investigating something that interests them.  Maybe they will be deep in wonder.  That's what I hope to capture.

I'm not in any hurry.  I don't have to be.  I will have all the time I need with my favorite subjects.

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  1. I read a comment that made me giggle, a period of "deschooling" is to be expected among us "accidental" homeschooling mums! I HEAR you on the school picture thing, girly! I haven't taken mine yet this year, but I've got it on my agenda...need to before these leaves turn! I even order wallet sized prints of my carefully posed shots in the park (for the great grandmas, of course!). I still have the "School Daze" memory books showcasing the child's signature, school pic and report card (and yes, I have even been known to create these, too!!!!) The memory book is really comical for middle school students, since it has blanks for every different teacher! English - "Mom" Social Studies "Mom", Science "Mom" lol...this year at least, my girl does have a writing teacher, as well as PE and Art teachers! I've even let Mrs. Magee have the whole English spot this year, I'm so impressed with her teaching. lol ; ) Wonder how long my "deschooling" will last? I still think little girls in monogramed school uniforms and mary janes are too stinkin' cute - saw 3 in the library today, with my scruffy 1st grader at my side...sigh....maybe I should buy some so I can send my girls out in the neighborhood to do some fundraising...hmmm....