Saturday, November 12, 2011

What I'm Doing These Days

It's so funny-when anyone asks me "What are you doing these days?"  the best answer I can give is "Oh...same old same old!"  or "Nothing much!" because if I were to list all the stuff I am 'up to', they would get bored listening to my list.

So here's my list of "What I'm doing these days." :

1.  Signing my son up for tae kwon do lessons.  He attended a class for free last week and thought it was awesome.  Of course, being loud, jumping around and hitting stuff is always fun for any boy.  Even better when you get rewarded for it!

2.  Daughter is practicing for her role in the local production of "The Nutcracker".  She is loving it.  I secretly fret about the fact that all of the other little girls performing are thin as rails, and my little girl is...well, not as thin.  More like she's got some junk in her trunk.  Mind you, she's not overweight, but she is definately a recipient of my Eastern European roots, suited for gymnastics and potato farming.   But she hasn't noticed yet and so far I am thankful she hasn't.

3.  Scoping out next years curriculum already because hey!  It's never to early to start!  I've been checking out Ambleside Online, and really love the concept.  And the fact that it's planned out online for me, week by week.  AND that the kids are getting a Kindle for Christmas, so many of the books they will need will be free Kindle downloads.

4.  Getting a new gas tank for the gas log fireplace because HELLO!  It was really cold outside this morning and I miss having our fireplace working.

5.  Beating myself up for not getting on the ball with Christmas shopping earlier.  Now I feel rushed.

6.  Planning Christmas ballet recitals, piano performances, parties, etc.  Tell me again how unsocialized my kids are...I dare you! :)

7.  Went on a field trip to the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta last Thursday.  I couldn't bring in my camera, so no pics...but I got as close to $775,000.00 million dollars as I'll ever get.  I found it all very interesting and the kids learned so much about money and banking.

8.  Trying to get this house clean for Thanksgiving and figuring out what to cook.  My mom always does the turkey, and I do the sides and desserts.  Any suggestions?

How about you all?  What have YOU been up to?


  1. JUST getting caught up on your blog! Loving it, as always!! We're busy, busy, BUSY! All this "socialization" is starting to interfere with our! We finished up an AMAZING fall softball season, and we start basketball Nov I've actually slowed down some. lol! Here's my week - Mon night - help provide and serve supper at a homeless shelter with my 12 yr old. Tues - writing class, library day, Thurs - field trip in Atl in am, board meeting for my homeschool group in afternoon (2hr playtime for kiddos), Friday- art, PE and tumbling classes followed by a Mom's Night Out with my homeschooling buddies. Oh, and yeah, it's a slow week!! LOL! The next time I hear "lack of socialization" and "homeschooling" in the same sentence I think I'll throw my head back into a fullblown roaring fit of laughter. Hmmm...Thanksgiving's coming up, I might just get my chance!! lol!
    Lisa W

  2. Oh, and I'm glad you liked the Federal Reserve! My group goes every year, and I'm planning to join them this year. Sounds like an awesome trip! Have you seen "Mad Money"? I liked it, even if it did get lukewarm reviews - 3 women stealing money from the Fed before it was literally destroyed. Have you been to any of the other "freebie" trips in Atlanta - state capitol, MLK, governor's mansion? I'm thinking of suggesting these at our board meeting.
    Lisa W