Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holiday Shopping: Kickin' It Homeschool Style

Is it just me or is it difficult shopping for your kids for Christmas? 

I think it got harder when we started homeschooling.

When my kids were in public school, it was easy because they wanted stuff that all their friends had...
Barbies, Hot Wheels racetracks, etc. starts getting weird.

Architecture sets.  Fossils.  Plasma globes.  Electronic ciruit sets.  Solar powered stuff.   Anything related to historic events.  Geography games.

I love it!  But's not exactly like you can run to Wal Mart or Toys R Us and get these things.  In fact, you start looking at all the junk they sell in stores and see it as...junk.

I love my Rainbow Resource catalogue. It's full of items that will appease my little nerdlings.  That and  You can find *anything* there.

How about you?   Do your kids want random, hard to find items?  What resources do you use to purchase them?

***Forgot to mention Mindware  They have some cool stuff as well!****


  1. I want to see your Rainbow catalogue. Mine was too much like a phone book and I got bored with it. I think that was my ADD kicking in - it is self-diagnosed, of course. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that we no longer have so many requests for *junk*. Cutting cable (and thus commercials) went a LONG way toward accomplishing that goal. I have some favorite catalogues for cool and intriguing gifts for kids. One of my favorites is Hearthsong. You can also shop them at Some junk, a little over-priced, but really cool stuff. You can also shop at Mostly we just drool over these things and buy very little. LOL When I find the name of the other catalogue over which I drool annually, I'll let you know. Muah!


  2. Our kids are pretty fun this year so far, we are going to give the teen child an inexpensive laptop, I have found some pretty good sales on those so far this year. I hear around Christmas we should be seeing some for $198. She is doing so many projects online these days for school it became a must. Of course, it will be on lockdown as far as the internet is concerned.

    The little one is a dress up queen, I have been picking up little pieces for a dress up trunk for her. I will take imaginative play any day over some of the toys out this year.

    I think that is pretty much the extent of our plans here. I am going to look into your rainbow catalog and see what it is about.