Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So What?

The Duggars are expecting baby what?

Yes, they get paid for their what?  Have you watched their show?  If anyone deserves to be paid to be on television, it's the Duggars.  More so than Snookie and the Jersey Shore cast...more than the Real Housewives of _________  (as much as I love to watch that they need to be paid to show how rich they are and what screwed up relationships they have?)  At least they haven't comprimised their principles for the sake of ratings.  If anything, I appreciate that they set a good example of faith, marriage, and family.  They aren't rude and snarky like Kate Gosselin.   

I find it so amusing that so many people want to preach 'tolerance'...yet, those same people have very little tolerance for anyone living out their Christian faith. 

This is the of the free, home of the brave.  We are all free to have as many kids as we choose....if we are brave enough (ha!).  This isn't China, where children are being discarded because the government believes families should only have 1 child.  As long as you support your children with your own income, as the Duggars do, then who has any right to judge them for having 20 kids?

Mama and Daddy Duggar have a wonderful marriage and provide for their family.  They are producing functioning members of society.  The children are all happy.  They are loved.  They are honest, hard working.

Is there something wrong with this?  If this is a bad example of how we should raise our children, well then, there is something screwed up with the world.

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