Thursday, March 15, 2012

At Least It's A Start


I hate running.  I have never ever been a good runner. 

In the 9th grade our P.E. teacher video taped us each individually running and played the videos in the next P.E. class we had.  When my video came on her critique was "TOOO much 'hip action!'"  and of course that was followed by the kind of laughter that only 9th graders are capable of when nervous and embarrassed themselves.

Did I mention I hate running?

However, this morning...this lovely spring morning the kids and I decided to go for a walk. 

I was overcome with the urge to run.

"Let's run from this mail box to the next one!"  and we all jogged. 

We continued to jog every other mail box 'length' all the way around our block, which is close to a mile.

And I think I even had a little 'runners high' if you will.  Blame it on the Spring Fever.

Could it be? After all these years of being a certified Running Hater...could I maybe be 'getting it'? 

Tomorrow morning, the kids and I plan to do it again.  Every other mailbox.  Pitiful when my husband can jog an entire 5K track and hold a conversation at the same time.

Hey, it's a start anyway.


  1. I can't run either, but that's exactly how Caleb and I walk/job around the neighborhood. Well, we go for bursts from one road to the corner since there are turns. LOL! :) I've tried the Couch to 5K, but I don't ever get past the first week. LOL!

  2.'s those little 'do-able' goals that work for me. If I can just make it to the next mailbox!