Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Budget Friendly

Like everyone else we are feeling the 'pinch' when it comes to our pocketbooks.  Higher gas prices, higher grocery prices, and saving for bigger goals leaves us very little money to 'play' with.

Can I just confess that can be down right depressing?

I cruise the Internet for field trip ideas.  I hear about wonderful homeschooling classes that are offered.  There are private schools that offer classes for homeschoolers.  There is curriculum that I drool over. But it all comes at a price, and that price ain't cheap. 

There are so many opportunities that I have to say 'no' to because of money.  I hate that.  Some days I feel like my kids might be missing out...that maybe when they grow up they will regret not having had those opportunities.

This morning I had a short conversation with a friend, and she changed my view on the whole situation.  She stated that, by being frugal, her children are learning about choices and managing money.


Having to budget your money teaches your children responsibility.  It forces them to prioritize and determine how to make wise choices concerning how and where their money (OUR money) is spent.  And when they grow up, hopefully they will continue making wise money decisions and be financially stable, responsible adults.

It's not about looking at what you don't have...it's about being smart about what you DO have.  And appreciating what you have.

Those are the lessons I will gladly teach.

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