Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Little Bird Taught Me

My front porch has big columns that the birds just love to build nests on.  Doves, house finches, even swallows have provided us with plenty of 'nature' moments as we watch them build their nests, hatch and feed their babies, and of course the big moment when the little fledglings leave the nest.

Did I mention how much those sweet little things poop?  Oh my.  Every summer, after the babies leave, I am out there scrubbing bird poop off the columns and porches.

Right now we are in the process of trying to sell our house.  Poopy porches are not attractive to prospective home-buyers.

Day before yesterday a little mama finch began building her nest.  She worked all day and did a fabulous job.

 Too bad hubby had to go out and sweep it down before she laid her eggs. (Sad face.)

The next morning I opened the blinds and there was a nest in the exact same spot.  Huh.  That little mama bird was quick to rebuild!  

Too bad hubby had to go out and sweep it down.  Again.  (Notice hubby does this? I just don't have the heart.)

One hour after he swept it down....guess who was building in the same spot?  Yep.  Mama bird.

Too bad for hubby that my daughter sat and watched the nest building process and took immediate sympathy on the mama bird.  "She's working so hard, Daddy!  Please leave it there!" (I think she even batted her eyes.  Whatever she did, it worked.  Mama will stay.)

As I watched this little bird, I thought of myself.  How often does the work I do get 'undone' before you can say 'Jack Robinson'?  Then I get frustrated and upset.  Sometimes I pout.  I feel worthless, unappreciated.

Not that little bird.  She just kept building what unseen forces had torn apart.  She never complained.  She never pouted.  I am quite sure I didn't see her stamp her little birdy foot in frustration. Nope.  She just picked up the pieces and started over.  She worked just as hard the third time as she did the first time.  Never mind feeling appreciated.  Just doing what needed to be done and doing it with her whole heart.

I learned a lot from that little bird. 

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