Thursday, March 22, 2012

For Sale

If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you know that our family is chomping at the bit to move out to the country, and of course the perfect piece of land is for sale.

Yay me, right?

Today the realtor is coming to photograph the house and put it on the market.

Yay me! and Sadface all rolled into one.

I know if we sell this house, I will be a basket case. Because I am uber-sentimental, I can't help but think about "This is the house I brought my babies home to".  All of the birthday parties, Christmases, laughter, love in these walls...would anyone else appreciate it?  And of course the morbid side of me wonders if I should mark where the dead pets are buried in the yard...I'd hate to know they'd been dug up accidentally.

I've already told myself if we sell, I'll never be able to cruise by here and see another family in the yard or their car in my driveway.  It would be like seeing your ex for the first time out on the town with another woman.

But change is good. If there were never any change, caterpillars would never become butterflies and all that jazz.  And I *am* exicted about having this new adventure in life.

But part of my heart hurts a little just thinking about it.

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