Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Call Me Crazy, But....

I am currently reading "Heaven Is For Real" by Todd Burpo.  It chronicles the near-death experience of his four year old son, who after the experience matter-of-factly would talk about Jesus and what heaven was like and things that happend when he was in surgery that he never heard about.  The book is okay.  I mean, it is sweet and all, and I imagine if you are a 'doubter' in heaven existing, then it might be mind blowing...but it is a good little read.

What I wasn't expecting was a trip back in time to when my son was about 4.  No-there is no near-death experience,  but something spooky nonetheless.

Anyway, my son was about 3 or 4, and we were having a conversation.  I was half-way listening, nodding and giving a "Wow!" or a "Really?" at appropriate times.  So I don't remember how we got on this topic.  All of a sudden he was talking about things that happened when he lived in "Tyrone". 

"You lived where?"
"Ohh.  Okay.  What did you do there?"
"Played with Jackie in the woods.  We didn't have toys."
(Starting to really listen...) "What did Jackie look like?"
"He had blonde hair to here (pointing to his collar).  We wore overalls.  We don't have shoes.  We liked to play in the woods."

I chalked it up to vivid imagination.

A few days later...

(Me)" Tell me again about where you used to live."
"Yeah.  What did it look like there?"
"There's a big white house.  And next door is a big red house."
"Who do you live there with?"
"Jackie.  He liked to hide in the woods."

These little conversations went on for weeks.  He gave me other little details about Jackie and "Tyrone"...enough to make me really wonder.  I told my dad.  The next day he called me on the phone.

(Dad)"Jeanette, ask W--- what state 'Tyrone' is in...I found a place in North Carolina called the Tryon Palace.  It's a historic landmark.  It's a group of old houses...and there is a white house next to a red brick house."
I asked my son  "Honey...what state is 'Tyrone' in?"
"North Carolina" he answered.  I almost dropped the phone.

Coincidence? Maybe.  But my son was four.  We had never talked about or been to North Carolina.  The stories were consistent.  The details were consistent.

Makes you wonder, no?

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